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Best Double Edge Razor Blades

If you read my review of the  VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor then you know I am a fan of safety razors. But once you get a safety razor you have to keep up with your safety razor blades. So, the question now is..

What is the best double edge razor blades for your safety razors and your safety razor blades needs? (Say that 3 times fast) 😉

I have 2 recommendations for you. Based  on variety, quality and quantity vs price. I am going to recommend 2. But not in a top 2. More of that they are both equally good and it’s really your preference. I would not recommend anything that is not of decent quality. So here we go. In no particular order.

This set below is very value priced for what you get.


best double edge razor blades


  • This a great value equaling about 20 cents a blade. (as of this writing)
  • You get 100 blades. 5 packs of 20.
  • They are made out of Super Chrome which tend to last longer than stainless and maintain there sharpness longer as well.
  • Fits all brands of safety razors.
  • Check the links below or click the pictures for more details and reviews from satisfied customers.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades






Next up is this….

Very Awesome Variety Pack.

This is a great way to get a variety of bulk razor blades.

Different people have different likes and dislikes. I LOVE this variety pack of bulk razor blades. For one thing they include 105 not 100. What’s good about this pack is it gives you a chance to sample different safety blades from around the world to see what you like best.

Bulk Razor Blades


  • 10 Crystal blades
  • 15 each of Astra Stainless
  • 15 each of Astra Platinum
  • 15 each of Shark Stainless or Gillette 7’Oclock SharpEdge
  • 15 each of Shark Super Chrome
  • 15 each of 7AM Platinum
  • 15 each of Sharp Stainless

Check the links below or click the pictures for more details and reviews from satisfied customers.

Bulk Razor Blades




Feel Free to leave a comment below. Do you have safety razor blades that you prefer? Or if you haven’t tried one and have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Happy Shaving!

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