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Can I Make My Facial Hair Grow Faster?

can i make my facial hair grow faster

This question has been asked zillions of times! So… If you are one of the people trying to sport some decent facial hair and don’t want to wait and actually asked the question “Can I make my facial hair grow faster?”…

…have I got some interesting news for you. So, once again… you ask..

Can I Make My Facial Hair Grow Faster?

 First Things First – There Is No Magic Potion!


That’s right! I’m not going to tell you there is some weird magic concoction you can brew up and just guzzle down and overnight… BAM!! ! You’ll go…

From this:



















Genetics does play a role in how your body grows hair. Facial or not. Having said that, there are things you can do to facilitate making your facial hair grow faster. I have compiled  a list of the top 5 things I think you need to incorporate into your life if you want to speed up the process of facial hair growth. And even though I said there is no magic potion.. if you do the first 4 great. The 5th tip is kind of like a cheat…

Read on.

1 – What Goes In Must Come Out. (Not what you’re thinking…)


I’m referring to your diet and supplementation.

Diet plays a major role on how your hair looks and grows. Now, I don’t expect you to make a complete lifestyle change but rather to incorporate a few things you might not be doing to help you on your quest of speeding this growth up.

What you eat does make a difference on how your body reacts to facial hair growth. Living on fast food and junk on a regular basis is not going to help in your endeavor. You want to incorporate lots of protein and healthy amounts of good fats. Things like:

  • Eggs
  • Lean Meats
  • Beans
  • Omega-3 fatty acids -found in fish and in plant based sources like flaxseed and other oils, nuts and seeds.

Testosterone is another important factor. You want to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet so your testosterone production is top notch. You could supplement but I am not a doctor and not giving out advice in that regard. (Later down below I do give recommendations, but do your research before making a decision). The internet is huge and you can find out all you need. In the meantime…

2 – Get That Shut Eye & Remove Any Stress You May Have!


The first part sounds simple. Get sleep. Beard will grow! The second part is a major factor on all aspects of your life, not just beard growth. But it really does affect how your body produces hair. No joke. So if you can minimize any stress and negativity.. DO IT!

At a minimum get at least 6 hours of sleep. When we sleep our body rejuvenates and renews from all the stresses of the day. Whether it be physical, mental, dietary or anything in between. This world is a taxing place and our sleep helps us reset daily. This includes our ability to grow our facial hair in the speediest of fashion.

3 – Exercise!


Wait what?? How does a blog about “Can I make my facial hair grow faster?” turn into this crazy health oriented nonsense? Well, my slow growing friend.. Facts are FACTS! That’s “the facts of life”. Good show by the way. 😉

Unless your genetics were AMAZING! And you could choose to wake up every morning like this:

can I make my facial hair grow faster









You need to listen up!

Exercise has tons of benefits and we all know this.. I’m not here to lecture like a coach or health nut. Just try to get some exercise in. Hell, with all this Pokémon GO craze, you will probably have facial hair by the end of the day tomorrow if you’re running around like everyone else.

Seriously though, if you could raise your heart rate for 30 minutes a day (an hour is ideal) this would absolutely help your testosterone levels.

4- Skin Care!


Wait… what? Do I look like a girl?

No. You look like a guy without facial hair. So, yeah.. you look like a….

Moving on.

Skin care is detrimental to having a beard grow faster. If you take care of other things  externally on your body, like what clothing you’re wearing to what cologne you have on. Why wouldn’t you think internally?

So besides diet, sleep and exercise you need to tend to this canvas that you call your face so it is ready to radiate it’s follicular forest as soon as possible!

Things I recommend:

  • a daily beard moisturizer
  • a nightly beard moisturizer (will speed things up as you sleep)

The 3 main things you need when trying to speed up the process of growth is moisture, moisture and… moisture. Even after the growth. You need this to keep it growing, growing and growing. You can be like a chia pet!

Try not to use too much hot water when washing your face or showering. This tends to dry out your skin and will not help your situation.

5 – When All Else Fails.. CHEAT!


Just buy one of these:

I’m kidding.. What you can actually do is supplement.

Below I will recommend products that I know have worked for people. This is not an end all be all for fast beard growth.. the fact is, genetics do play a part.. but you can sometimes alter that with taking the right products… there is no guarantee, so do your research. Then again the proof is in the testimonials. Take a look!

Let me tell you something. In addition to everything I said above another great product to take is Flaxseed oil. It is AMAZING in getting your OMEGA-3 Fatty acids. It’s great and much better than many other sources of it. Especially when I know many people don’t like the taste of the capsules due to the fishy aftertaste. Click the link above or here to read reviews and do your research. Absolutely helps with hair growth. (My opinion)


And Finally….


Did I say there is NO magic potion?


Well, after checking out this product you probably might disagree with me. Heck, I might have to change my post. Click the product to read more.

So, the next time you are staring in the mirror and ask yourself…

Can I Make My Facial Hair Grow Faster?


Remember all the things I have referenced and wrote about here. They do make a difference.

In conclusion, I hope this little post of mine gave you some tips and insight.

Please leave any comments below on any success you may have had speeding up your facial hair growth. Or just comment if you found anything interesting in my blog here or to just say hi. See you all in a future post!







  1. Brandon

    Awesome post Dan. I read somewhere online a while back that if your body reacts to Testosterone (easily grow a bear) a lot more than others (people that can’t grow a beard), that those who can grow a beard quite easily – will go bold earlier in their lives. How true do you think this is?


    1. Dan (Post author)

      I don’t think this is true at all. from what I understand going bald and testosterone are not really related in the way most people think. However, body and facial hair loss can be attributed to a sign of low levels of testosterone. If it seems like your beard growth is stinted or not growing like it once did and/or you are losing more body hair, this could be a sign of you having low testosterone.

  2. Taylor

    I just wanted you to know I had a lot of fun reading your post. You are quite the comical story teller blogger. Now I fall in the category of “never being able to grow facial here” so it was quite interesting what you read. I’m definitely trying it out, because I don’t really do any of the recommended as it is now. Time to start
    I’m 26 and only have peach fuzz

  3. Maurice Jackson

    This post I feel was made for me thanks

  4. Calvin

    Hey Dan Nice post.
    I will agree that it is hard to get over the genetics in making your hair grow. I like what you say about being active and taking care of yourself. I remember when my ex was pregnant with my son. She was taking prenatal vitamins. Those vitamins sure helped her hair grow fast. Do you think a daily multivitamin would be helpful as well as the omega threes?

    1. Dan (Post author)

      I think a multivitamin is absolutely a good decision to incorporate along with the other supplements I mentioned. I even like using a daily meal replacement shake too. It gives you all the amino acids you need also.

  5. Chris

    This is a great post Dan! Very informative! I can sorta relate because I envy guys that can grow fantastic full beards! My own facial hair is quite average. It grows really well in the primary “goatee area” but along the cheeks it starts to become a little scarce and patchy. And so I’m not really worried about speed or thickness because I have both of those. I just wish there was a way to grow MORE hair! Do you know if testosterone would help?

    Alas, I have a feeling that maybe I just need to learn to love and accept the way my body is designed!

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Chris.. a product I just came across that looks very promising for you is this:

      Beard Grow XL- Here is the link –> http://amzn.to/2aMB9MB

      Check out all the positive reviews! People in your exact situation swear by it!

  6. charlie

    Hey Dan! Sometimes I wished I could grow a full on beard, it is quite a trend these days. But I don’t think I am able to because of genetics. Feels like us Asians simply cannot grow full beards. Most I have seen is a goat tee on an asian person, never a an actual full beard. Guess you cannot deny genes! But I do hear that the more you shave, the thicker facial hair will grow back. I always wondered if that was true. Anyways, quite an amusing post. Fun too!

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Hey Charlie! Yeah, in this instance you re correct. When it is mainly genetic when it comes to beard growth no amount of products will help. You might see minor improvements but nothing will change the genetic factor majorly. That’s where the beard wig comes in. 😉 As far as shaving more often and making it thicker, I’m pretty sure that’s a myth. Thanks for the comment!


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