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My pick for the Best Beard Care Kits!

So with all  the knowledge on the internet it just takes a second to google ways to care for your beard. There is a ton of info out there and tons of products. So, I’m not going to bombard you with stuff you can find out on your own.

With so many products how does one decide what product or combination of products is best for beard care?

That’s what I love about beard care kits. A kit is a one stop shop that will satisfy all your needs. So, in this post I discuss the best beard care kits.

What products should be in a kit for me to consider it one of the best beard care kits?


I believe all beard care kits should at a minimum have the two following main items:

  • a shampoo
  • a beard oil or wax

Anything in addition to this is a bonus.

So on one end of the spectrum we will have kits with a bare minimum of essential supplies and on the other we will have the ones that I consider the best beard care kits.

One company I strongly suggest checking out for the best beard care kits is:

…and I’m a born and raised Brooklyn boy so that should tell you something. 😉

Let’s take a look at a basic kit:







This basic kit has all the essentials you need for your beard care.

And it is very bargain priced at just $37.95

Click here for everything included and to order!

Basic? I’m not basic! Give me something more!








Here ya go!! The Ultimate in beard care!

At Just $49.95 It’s a steal!

For everthing included and to order click here!

I want more than the Ultimate!! I’m a big boy!


I Hear you!!! So here is my selection for the top of the heap!! The best of the best!

This truly is one of the best beard kits around! I posted a video after with Mike from Detroit grooming Company. Check it out!












At only $59.95 this is one of the best deals around!

To see everything included and to order this awesomeness, click right here!


Click this link to buy!


  1. Kelli

    I’m glad I checked out your page. I have two sons with beards (one full, the other with a goatee), and we’ve talked about ways for them to take care of their beards, particularly the son with the full beard. I’m going to pass your site on to them.

    1. Dan

      Awesome! I’m sure your sons will enjoy it as I add more content to the site. Thanks!

  2. Pete

    Really cool information. I’ve always been curious about ways to care for facial hair. I usually just put conditioner into it and thought that was it. I never realized all the other products that were available for it. Thanks for the info!

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Yeah there really is a ton of product out there! Glad I shed some light on it for ya! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Trevor Moy

    Wow! Do people actually do this? Obviously they do. I used to have a beard. I trimmed it, washed it when I was in the shower… not intentionally, I just did it while I was washing my face. I never actually looked after it, other than the trimming. I’m not the type of person who spends ages on his looks. What you see is what you get! Good review though.

  4. Mike

    Living life as a digital nomad in Asia I personally love to just keep a well unkempt beard. When I started working for a new company I had to start shaving regularly. Do you have any recommendations for curing hairbumps? Can’t seem to get rid of them at the moment…

  5. Mike

    Really good information. Been thinking about growing my beard out. Now I know how to take care of it!


    1. Dan (Post author)

      Cool. Beard care kits are the way to go! Thanks for the comment.


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