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VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain – Safety Razor Review

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor *UPDATE*


My review here for the Vikings Blade Chieftain Safety Razor is with the Limited Edition Black Case shown below the Gray one. However, this gray one looks awesome!


What’s In The Box?


Feel free to watch my video review below or just scroll down for my written one with detailed pictures.

Or.. do both. 🙂

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

As  soon as you flip open the lid you see this:


VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Here’s a closer look of the instructions:


VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

The Next Page:


The Next page links you to a video where if this is your first time using a safety razor, you can watch a tutorial on how not to cut your head off using this blade of manliness. I have linked it below after my review.

It’s entertaining and shot like one of those old school training videos from the 50’s. I recommend giving it a look.

They also ask if you could leave a review on their amazon page or a picture of you holding your new epic blade of shaving!

After the instructions we have the product. Here it is:

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor


Vikings Blade Chieftain

First off..

the craftsmanship on this razor is nothing short of spectacular!!

Vikings Blade Chieftain

When I opened it I was expecting viking war ship music to play.. actually I think it did.

This comes in such an amazing compact case which contains a small mirror for all you Vikings on the go.

Underneath the razor is packed 5 blades. .

Vikings Blade Chieftain


With The Chieftain you are dealing with perfection in the shaving world!

It has an advanced butterfly head  so you can have a quick 5 second blade change. It also has a microcomb system to prevent any accidental cuts… Check this out:

Vikings Blade Review


…and bam!!


Vikings Blade Review


“VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain – Safety Razor” is absolutely a work of art and your shave will not get any closer.

The other thing is you save so much money with a safety razor. It averages about 17 cents a blade when you purchase them in bulk like these which I consider the best double edge razor blades. You should change your blade weekly.

So, in conclusion..

Just like the over 1200 reviews on amazon. I give this bad boy:



VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor


And now the video I mentioned earlier for the newbies.



There are other products recommended in the video. I linked them below!

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  • Design
  • Cost
  • Quality


  • None


  1. ToveL

    I use my razor in the shower. Do you think I could use this razor on my legs and under my arms?
    I think I would have been afraid to cut myself. It looks awfully sharp.
    Would you recommend this razor for women?


    1. Dan (Post author)

      I was going to say I don’t see why a woman couldn’t use it. Then I came across this review on Amazon.

       photo Screenshot_2016-08-25-17-08-38-1_zpsm8uymiut.png

      So there ya have it!

  2. John Ardizzone

    Awesome review! I think I actually sprouted at least a dozen more hairs on my chest just by watching your video. I can see the quality and craftsmanship of this legendary blade and can’t help but think of trading in my Harry’s razor for one!

    The Art of Manliness video was pretty cool, too!

    One thing I’d like to know is, how long would these blades last if I only shave once or twice a week? I don’t really have the manliest of beards so I can’t imagine that I would wear them out very quickly. I’m getting about six to eight shaves with my Harry’s razors. Any thoughts?

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Well for someone who shaves everyday the blades last about a week. So, I would say it’s the equivalent of your current shaving habits, about 6 to 8 shaves. And yeah, this blade is very, very nice. Can’t recommend it enough!

  3. Arief

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for this review. I enjoy wet shaving so much that I own several razors.
    Do you know how aggressive this razor is? I love an aggressive razor with a sharp razor.

    But on a regular day, I always use my Gillette slim adjustable safety razor. Just on the weekend, I use my straight razor.

  4. Jenny

    What a beautiful piece of art! The design is really nice and it looks like it works better than the normal disposable razors from the supermarket l. This could be the perfect gift for my boyfriend.

    I was just going to ask if women could use it too when I saw the other comments. Thanks for the nice review!

  5. Norman

    There are so many bread trimmers that are out there. I remember there was a time when I myself had a few of them, but the best one by far was the t-outliner. It gave me such a cool clean and neat cut that my face felt like a babies skin. I believe these are great for a person who can not use razors because of the bumps that they cause. However, this Vikings Blade looks like it is a much better razor than the average safety razor and could help prevent the bumps.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dan (Post author)

      You are correct from what I have researched. A good safety razor like the vikings blade actually can prevent razor bumps in the first place. Cheap razors or the wrong razor can tug and pull the hair or cut beneath the skin causing hair to grow back into the skin. Also, always shave with the grain, not against the grain of your facial hair. This razor will absolutely give you that “babies skin” feel like you mentioned from your previous experience with the electric trimmer. But much better. Remember, trimmers are fine for trimming but nothing gets as close as a safety razor.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Amberlee

    What a beautiful product and usually I love my husband’s beard, however, I am considering purchasing this to convince him to shave it off so that I can see it working over his skin. But, wait a minute I could use it! Couldn’t I? I know they didn’t create them with women in mind, but the razor would be safe to use on my legs?

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Well, he might not have to shave it all off. He could use this for some nice trimming and shaping too. Oh.. and absolutely you could use this. Take a look at the comment I posted to Tove. There was an Amazon female customer who loves this razor for herself. I attached the image of the post in my reply to her. Scroll up.

      Thanks for checking out my review.

  7. Mijareze

    I love your line of trimmers. I just purchased a duo–a large one and a small trimmer. I use the small trimmer for nose and ear hair. The large trimmers my wife uses to trim my hair. I save money that way.
    Eventually, I pay a beutician tocut my hair. I am interested in your shavers. I need a good one. I always buy disposable ones. I will beback on payday to take a closer look!
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    1. Dan (Post author)

      Trimmers are great for what they do. However a good safety razor like the Vikings blade is so much better than a disposable one. Which, I have used for many years myself. Once I tried this bad boy there is no turning back. Come back on payday Ed! You will not be disappointed in The Chieftain.

      Thanks for checking out my review!


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